There is a bell combining with the music of zurkhaneh, which just will be played by the Morshed (drummer) when he plays the music and rhythm of the Sport.

This bell will be played by the Morshed in different reasons, such as changing the exercise by the master, or for the ranking and level of the practitioners.

When the Master in the middle of practitioners is running the exercise and others are following, the Morshed will be playing with the rhythm of masterís exercice, and the others will follow the same rhythm and discipline. Any time the master is going to change some movment; the morshed can announce that change with the ring of the bell. Most of the practitionerís are alert enough and are following the master, looking at him, but in case not looking, they will hear the ring and will pay attention to the master and follow his change and move.

Also when an older person or a pahlavan or champion will enter in the zurkhaneh, the morshed will rank them with the bell to announce their existence as a respect.