This bars are for doing push ups in zurkhaneh, and the main purpose is to have some height from the floor to give a more challenging and better workout for the chest muscles. Since the push ups benefit is very obvious and clear that the chest, shoulder and triceps are the main muscles, the inner thigh muscle will also be involved in zurkhanehs push ups.

Since the practitioners open their leg wide apart, instead of keeping them together, each time he goes down, there is a stretch in the inner thigh applying to the legs.

 Another aspect of push ups in zurkhaneh is the ability for the practitioner to follow the music of the Morshed inside Zurkhaneh. Almost all Pahlavani exercises are accompanied with rhythmic music. Morshed is the person who chants and plays the drum while guiding the group practitioners.

Since there is a very high repetition involved in this kind off push up, the practitioner will continue doing this push up over a long period of time .The master is doing the push ups in the middle and others are following his discipline, in a circle around him.

I should stress that since the legs are open in this push up, the intensity is lower than having the legs together and because of high repetitions of this push up, the morshed sing and play, instead of counting, which is almost close to or more than 1000 push ups. Morshed is plays zarb and sings battle poetries which have spiritual messages.