Traditional Iranian Zurkhaneh is to open in Toronto

Canadian Zurkhaneh was established in September 2007 with these goals in mind; spirituality. Pureness, health and of course happiness which is the result of having a healthy and strong mind and body and soul.

Through the practise of Zurkhaneh today, one can achieve complete wellness and fitness of the mind body and soul.

Varzesh-e Zurkhaneh (Persian varzeš-e pahlavānī ورزش پهلوانی) meaning the "Sport of the Heroes”, in the house of power (Zurkhaneh), also known as Varzesh-e Bastani,(Persian varzeš-e bāstnī), meaning the "Sport of the Ancients”, since the history of this sport will return to more than 2500 years ago, or simply as Pahlavani, (Sport of champions, with the special valuable social behaviors) is a traditional discipline of gymnastics , wrestling and cardio, which was originally an academy of physical training for military purposes.

Varzesh-e Zurkhaneh combines elements of the Iranian culture with the spirituality. Participants are expected to be pure, truthful, and good tempered and only then strong in body, which is giving away with this modern and fast way of the life in the 21century. The principles of unpretentiousness are exemplified by a verse recited at many meetings: "Learn modesty, if you desire knowledge. A highland would never be irrigated by river." (Kanz ol-Haghayegh)